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CBD for Pain Management

CBD for pain management (because nobody’s got time for that!)

Pain is usually categorized into ‘chronic’ and ‘acute’ pain. Chronic pain is defined as a pain that extends over three months. Acute pain is centralized in one or more areas of the body (typically, at the site of trauma or internal inflammation), and is experienced short-term.

The properties found in cannabis are medically proven to treat both chronic and acute pain.

CBD, central to Real Heal products, treats medical conditions. Let’s start with the salve.
Real Heal’s Balanced Topical Cream helps the following:

Relaxes muscles
The Real Heal Salve is made from five strains of cannabis, extracting the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The CBD delivered to the system in conjunction with coconut oil, eucalyptus and lemongrass – all known for their soothing effects. Users of Real Heal Salve report a relaxation so deep that after treatment, they take stretching and exercise to the next level.

Tackles inflammation
If left untreated, inflammation can have serious long-term consequences – in some cases, leading to tissue damage and chronic pain. CBD is a good alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals that can further disrupt liver, kidney and heart function.

Alternatively, Real Heal Tincture treats the following conditions:

Depression is often linked to chronic pain; as they say, ‘a healthy body equals a healthy mind’. As CBD relives physical tension in the body, a person can exercise regularly and benefit from the feel-good endorphins that combat depression.

Ever heard of the ‘flight or fight’ response? When we are in constant pain, our body is always prepared for battle with our nerves standing on-end. This makes sleep near impossible. Taken daily, the relaxation and healing properties of Real Heal Tincture will ensure a regular good night’s sleep – the basis of all good health.

Real Heal is Vancouver Island-owned and operated company that is invested in improving the health and wellness of all Canadians. Make an appointment to speak with one of our alternative healthcare professionals to see how Real Heal can improve your quality of life.