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Why topicals are a leading CBD delivery method

Why topicals are a leading CBD delivery method

By Real Heal

You don’t have to pick up joint to enjoy the benefits of medicinal cannabis! There are an increasing number of methods to deliver cannabis into system, in the amounts you need.

For example, a person who is experiencing back pain will benefit from the use of a medicated salve, as opposed to ingesting a hard-hitting distillate. Or an elderly patient who suffers from arthritis certainly doesn’t have to get ‘high’ to receive relief from cannabis.

Cannabis-infused topicals—usually in a cream, spray or ointment form—are absorbed and metabolized through the skin for localized relief of aches, muscle soreness, tension, pain, and inflammation.

Real Heal’s topical cream contains coconut oil, Vitamin E and bee’s wax to soothe the skin’s surface which treats skin conditions including psoriasis, dermatitis, and irritation. Lemongrass, wintergreen, and eucalyptus found in the cream helps deliver the cannabinoid through the dermis and treats migraines, cramping and spasms.

On their own, the essential oils found in Real Heal’s salve have health benefits.

Topical delivery works by binding to a network of receptors called CB2 which are found throughout the body and are activated by naturally-occurring cannabinoids or added compounds (for example, the CBD found in topicals). Topicals (with the exception of patches) are a very as the cannabinoids do not reach the bloodstream and only penetrate the CB2 receptors.

Apply topicals to the site of pain, rubbing in the product in a circular movement. Applying the cream through this method increasing the product’s heat which makes absorption possible.

To preserve the natural compounds in the cream, keep Real Heal away from direct sunlight or heat (in warmer environments, CBD-infused products are best stored in a fridge).

By Anna James